Facebook, Deleted

Posted on July 26, 2019

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Hi all,

If you cannot find me on Facebook, it is not because I “un-friended” or blocked you. I have deleted my Facebook, and it has been great.

I encourage you all to delete Facebook too. I still manage to stay in touch with friends through various chat clients and, in some limited ways, on other social media.

The only friction I have experienced as a result relates to Facebook events. Some people and, more disturbingly, organizations use Facebook as the sole way of inviting people to events an tracking RSVPs. However, even this aspect is not that big of a problem as I can usually email the organizer and give my RSVP.

Please, feel free to reach out to me via any of the methods listed on my contact page.

On a slightly related note, I want to let you all know about Michael Bazzell’s Personal Data Removal Workbook & Credit Freeze Guide. It helps you take your data off of people search sites and freeze your credit. Some of my colleagues wanted to take control of their online data, so I pointed them to this workbook; they were thrilled. This workbook is a great starting point to take control of your identity on-line. Let me know what you think!